Food That Matters, Is Food We Measure


Pasta Spoon

  • One to two scoops per person
  • For penne, macaroni, fusilli and farfalle

Rice Spoon

  • One scoop per person
  • For use with rice, couscous and risotto

Spaghetti spoon

  • Spaghetti can be measured horizontally in the spoon
  • To use for spaghetti

Why FranksSpoons?

Food waste concerns us all, as consumers we are even responsible for 42% of the total food waste in the Netherlands. This is where the question arose, why is so much food wasted? There are scales, cups and even measuring cups, but they are not used on a daily basis. This is something that concerned us at FranksSpoons and that we think should be changed.

This is how the first spoon was created. A spoon 2.0 to call it that. This spoon supports you in measuring your rice and various types of pasta. In addition, there are several features invented to make everything a little easier. For example, the spoon is easy to attach to any pan and keeps your sink clean and tidy. By giving extra thought to the design, the FranksSpoons takes everything out of the pan easily and this spoon lies comfortably in your hand. By a combination of measuring, stirring and scooping, you don't need any other spoons besides the FranksSpoons. The FranksSpoons are made of plastic so that, after intensive use and its long life, the entire product is recyclable.

How it works

The FranksSpoons are not here to tell you exactly how much to eat. Research has shown that rice and pasta is used too much when it goes into the pan uncooked. This is where FranksSpoons spoons come into play. By letting you always use the same spoon you know as a cook how much you are going to use. If you are going to start now or get your guests to eat, then you are assuming the average and you are always sitting well!

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FranksSpoons in the news

Have you seen FranksSpoons in one of the news items? We are among others in the magazine of the AGF and with an interview in the Utrecht magazine Duic! Discover the articles here!

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Spoons that help you throw away less food! 

"On average, people throw away 25 percent of their cooked rice or pasta. So for every four packs of rice you buy, you throw away one pack". Frank also understands: "It doesn't cost that much, so it's a lot easier to throw it away.

Read the entire article from Utrechts-made here in the Utrechts magazine Duic!

From AGF spoon to spoon 2.0 for in the kitchen

He got the AGF trade poured in with the ladle. As a working student Frank Dros can be found every Saturday in the store of his parents Jan Dros Lekker Eten. However, the AGF-trade has no priority now, because Frank is working with spoons 2.0 on the road. These are multifunctional measuring spoons for rice and different kinds of pasta. These spoons have been tested and approved in the kitchen of Jan Dros Lekker Eten and in student houses.

Read more about the FranksSpoons and the origin of the different spoons on AGF.nl !

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News items - Food waste

Why I started FranksSpoons? Read three messages here for more background information. After their own research, these three sources have made me even more aware of the problem of food waste.  

7 tips to avoid food waste

7 tips from RTL News with the following tip in place three:

Tailor-made cooking: products like pasta, rice and couscous are thrown away a lot, because you quickly cook too much of them. So measure how much you need.

Source: RTL News

Who is responsible for which part?

Most food is wasted in consumers' homes: about 42% of all food is wasted! Households waste as much as 105 kg of usable food annually. And yet it's so easy, fun and tasty to avoid wasting food! With these ten tips, you can avoid food waste!

Source: Instock

Quarter rice, pasta, potatoes and bread are thrown away.

The extent of food waste is large. Fourteen percent of the food people buy, they throw away again. This is well edible food and not cores, peels and bones. People waste relatively much rice, pasta, potatoes and bread.

Source: Lekker Tafelen